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If you want to be hairy, go ahead. ITs very hard to do it on yourself without lifting skin and causing tearing. I have yet to try waxing, though it would be easier. Browser cache can cause delays as well. I'm not going to tell people what to do, they can figure that out for themselves.

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Below this point, the mucosa of the internal anus becomes skin.

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It probably depends on where you live. Intra-rectal pressure builds as the rectum fills with feces, pushing the feces against the walls of the anal canal. Apparently, I have super sensitive skin. Thank you to everybody who is sticking up for me and themselves against that one rude individual in this thread who is saying extremely dumb things about the fact that I don't want butt hair. However, this person has clearly already made her choice.

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female anus hair
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female anus hair
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